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Current Video: Plan Your Board

Did you know that the most important information of your report should always be featured in the middle section of your display board? This and other helpful tips, like using Elmer's Project Popperz® Science Fair Titles, are explained in this clip.

Video Transcript

>> CHELSEA: Before you glue anything down or even put anything on your board, draw up a rough layout that shows where everything will go. Save the middle panel for your most important information. For a typical science fair project, you're going to have the abstract, the question and problem, the hypothesis, the research, and the conclusion. You can also add things like materials, variables, and charts and graphs. Elmer's makes it easy to title the sections of your project clearly and correctly with board-made self-adhesive science fair titles. These repositionable titles stick right on your board. So you can get a professional looking project in an instant. Every board needs a good title too. Come up with a catchy name for your project and display it prominently. Elmer's corrugated header cards are a great way to make your title really stand out.

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