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The planning process is key to any report and Chelsea is here to walk you through the...

Choosing a Topic

Your report topic is important! You want to be sure you're selecting a topic that fits...


Elmer’s school presentation expert, Chelsea, reviews three key components of every...

Citing Sources

How many sources should you have? And what’s the best way to cite them? Chelsea addresses...


Summarizing the introduction and body of your presentation’s subject at the beginning...

Using the Library

The library can be overwhelming, but not to worry! Check out this clip to learn how you...

Body of Work

Science projects, book reports and history presentations should all feature different...


A credible presentation requires the use of credible resources. Those resources include...


A report’s conclusion should do more than repeat information – it should demonstrate how...

Working as a Team

With group projects, it's helpful to clearly define team member's roles and deadlines so...


In this clip, Chelsea explains the importance of knowing your audience. Before you write...

Scientific Method

When working on a science project, you will need to follow the Scientific Method. In this...


Video Transcript

>> CHELSEA: This is where it all starts. From choosing a topic to citing your sources, I'll tell you how to plan your project and put together an awesome report.
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Do Your Research


Not sure where to start?

From using the library to citing your sources, we'll show you how to make sure your research is done right.

Prep Your Project


Turning research into results

Learn how to organize your information into the basic building blocks of your presentation.

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