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Current Video: Key Visuals

Using visuals like charts and graphs can help you display your report information in a way your readers can easily understand. In this video, Chelsea introduces the various graph options that can help you enhance your presentation.

Video Transcript

>> CHELSEA: They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that's especially true for a display board. If your project is in a science fair type setting, people might not take the time to read your entire report. Charts and graphs are a great way to display information in a visual way that's easy to understand. If you can't find charts or graphs that apply to your specific topic, you can always use the computer to make your own. Bar graphs are a pretty common type of graph, usually with a series of vertical or horizontal lines. Use a bar graph to compare different trials or experimental groups or when you're tracking changes over a period of time. Pie charts are good for comparing parts of a whole, but they don't indicate any changes over time. You can create a pie chart on your computer and customize the colors, titles, and connect your lines to match the rest of your presentation. Use an XY line graph to show the relationship between two different things. The X-axis measures one event, and the Y-axis measures another. If both variables increase at the same time, that means that they have a positive relationship. If they both decrease, that indicates a negative relationship. And if they don't really have a pattern, they may not have a relationship at all. Whichever types of charts or graphs you use, titling them with Board Mate reusable stencils will make them look clean and professional.