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Types of Board

Your report may be awesome, but it should visually look great, too! Here, Chelsea...

Other Board Uses

In addition to school presentations, Elmer's offers a variety of board options that are...

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Current Video: Types of Board

Your report may be awesome, but it should visually look great, too! Here, Chelsea explains which board from Elmer’s will be best for your project based on the nature and content of your work.

Video Transcript

>> CHELSEA: Your report is finalized and, of course, it's amazing. But if you want to make it look amazing too, you've got to put everything together on a high-quality presentation board and Elmer's has a ton of cool options to choose from. Use a foam board sheet for a project that's going to hang on a while or assignments you are going to be holding. Use a bi-fold board for a shorter presentation that doesn't have a lot of content. If you've got more information to show off, use the tri-fold board. It's got three sections. You can put your most important project info in the center and use the two sides for supporting information. Elmer's has two types of tri-fold display board material, foam and corrugate. If you are going for a more upscale look, go for the foam board. It's smooth, lightweight and sturdy enough to tack on 3D accessories, plus you can use both sides of the board. So you can decorate the back too. If you want a precise, professional looking display board without using a ruler, check out Elmer's guide-line boards. They've got super fade grid lines right on the board so you can keep all of your presentation elements lined up perfectly straight without a lot of measuring and penciling in.