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Once your research is completed, you can start the next step of your report – the really...

Types of Board

Your report may be awesome, but it should visually look great, too! Here, Chelsea...

Plan Your Board

Did you know that the most important information of your report should always be featured...

Types of Adhesive

An attractive display board won’t be very impactful if nothing is on it! Elmer’s has a...

Other Board Uses

In addition to school presentations, Elmer's offers a variety of board options that are...

Board Basics

The ability to clearly and accurately read text on a presentation board is one of the...


Good lettering techniques will make your report look great and make it easy-to-understand...

Key Visuals

Using visuals like charts and graphs can help you display your report information in a...


When appropriate, it can be fun to dress your project up a bit with colors and...


Watch Chelsea as she offers a simple (and colorful!) tip that will help you liven up your...


Video Transcript

>> CHELSEA: Your research and report are just the beginning of your project. Once you've got those done, we get to the really fun part. Making your presentation board.
Topics on Creating

Choose a Board


What type of board do you need?

We'll show you the different options so you can decide what works best for your project.

Organize Your Board


How to arrange your materials

Get helpful tips for a presentation board layout that communicates your project clearly.

Decorate Your Board


Adding your own design touch

Learn about fun accessories you can use to add visual impact and make your project stand out.

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