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How parents can offer just the right assistance at every stage of the project.

Time Management

Get a handy checklist you can use to make sure your student's project is on track.

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Time Management

Good presentations don't happen overnight. Well, okay, there have probably a few instances where students have put their whole presentation together the night before it was due — but let's try to avoid that scenario if at all possible! Planning, researching and preparing a presentation is a process that typically takes several weeks. Getting your student to think of the project as a series of steps — each of which will take a number of days to complete — is the key to avoiding procrastination and keeping the process manageable.

For science fair projects, you can use this checklist as a starting point for developing a plan to keep the project on track:

  1. Collect fair data & register for fair
  2. Develop personal interest list.
  3. Locate books and articles; research topics.
  4. Select general topic.
  5. 1st review by parents & teacher.
  6. Secure and meet with mentor.
  7. Draft of problem statement.
  8. Mentor review of statement.
  9. Complete background research.
  10. Write Bibliography.
  11. 2nd meeting with mentor.
  12. Create hypothesis.
  13. 2nd review by parents & teacher.
  14. Design Experiment / test.
  15. Write Procedure list.
  16. Write Materials list.
  17. 3rd meeting with mentor.
  18. Procure materials.
  19. Experimental trials
  20. Lab log completed.
  21. 4th meeting with mentor.
  22. Write data analysis & formal conclusion.
  23. Write abstract & finalize bibliography.
  24. Finalize display plan.
  25. Fabricate display.
  26. Final review by mentor, parents & teacher.

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